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The Externet® Module
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The AdWriter AdVantage has a module that allows a user to view dynamic pages from an Externet print publication. Also, it can be your Online Homes Magazine. Available in both English and Spanish, home browsers can easily compare and contrast properties, view extra details, and save favorites to a personal folder.
By moving their cursor over the homes, potential buyers can get a quick view of the property's features.
After clicking on a home, The Externet provides a large photo of the home, as well as the option to add it to a 'Favorites' menu. Realtor information is available to the right, for quick communication between the realtor and customer.
Utilizing our proprietary 'collaborative filtration', four similar homes are provided from live inventory as suggestions. As the user clicks more homes, patterns emerge, allowing the database to provide better suggestions based on the buyer's needs, wants, and desires.
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The Externet locations:

Coldwell Banker Connecticut
Coldwell Banker Florida
Long and Foster

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